We hope our FAQs were able to answer all your Oasis questions. If not, feel free to use one of the email addresses below, but please only use the address that relates to your question. If you are unsure which email to use, please send your questions to the general info address!


For general information and questions please email info@theoasisfest.com, but make sure to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions first. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!


For any press-related questions, contact clare@globalpublicity.co.uk.

To apply for Oasis press credentials, please fill out our press application and someone from our press team will be in contact before August 1, 2015.


For technical questions about purchasing tickets, email support@eventbrite.com or call 1-415-813-3237 worldwide.


If your company is interested in sponsoring Oasis, contact sponsorship@theoasisfest.com.


To submit yourself or a client to play Oasis, please email bookings@theoasisfest.com.