Abdeslam Alaoui Casablanca, Morocco

Abdeslam Alaoui, better known as Daox, is a DJ and producer based in Casablanca. In 2011, he founded the collective Runtomorrow, which coordinated an artists residency in 2014 with James Holden, Floating Points, Biosphere, and Vessel at the Fellah Hotel that culminated in a Boiler Room session. He also produces under the name of Aesthes, “quite different side of myself that I like to explore and showcase under this alias.”

What do you love most about Marrakech?
To me, Marrakech is a unique sensory experience. The architecture, the colors, the smells, the textures and finally the food create an energy that makes it feel so magical. I rarely get bored of the city, it relaxes me, inspires me and makes me want to discover more of it. The experience of an authentic yet modern city like Marrakech has no compare.

What are 3 items you should pack when visiting Marrakech?

  1. Your favorite sunglasses
  2. Your favorite sneakers
  3. Your comfiest shorts

What souvenir item that you suggest that someone bring back from Morocco?
A pair of balgha. Still the most comfortable and stylish shoe ever made in history… in my humble opinion!

Out of all of your recommendations, what’s the one thing that people should not miss while visiting Marrakech/Morocco?
The Ourika Valley: a unique & authentic wild valley which begins in the High Atlas Mountains. A perfect place for chilling and get rest in the middle of the nature.