Henna Café

93, Arset Aouzal
+212 658 028 697

Tea, coffee, salad, henna tattoo, Darija class…they’re all on the menu at the funky Henna Cafe, where a local nquasha (henna artist) draws intricate scorpions and climbing creepers on hands and feet while volunteers staff language lessons and serve up tasty kefta sandwiches on the rooftop terrace. A hundred percent of all profits go to local residents in need, while foreign volunteers can return the kindness by teaching French, Spanish and English classes alongside CV-writing skills.

Prices for henna tattoos start at Dh50 for a small design and range up to Dh500. Only organic, brown henna is used at the cafe and the catalogue of designs has been donated by top henna artists from around the world. (via Lonley Planet)


“It’s a neat little place to pop in and relax for a short break from the craziness of Marrakech. has great tea and falafel, and also has some of the best henna I have ever seen (make sure to book in advance!).” – Eric Yampol